Day 14 – Another Franklin zero

Today, the end of Week 2, was all about rest, recuperation and triple decker hamburgers.

I soaked my feet in an Epsom salt bath again after lancing the Big Blister for the fourth time in its life. I may give it a name if it hangs around for much longer. Billy Blister perhaps. The feet look better so I don’t have any concerns about getting back on trail tomorrow.

I took back the Fox River polypro sock liners I bought yesterday from Three Eagles Outfitters as they had already unravelled and had a hole. So I exchanged them for silk ones and hopefully they will hold up.

Bumped into Blaze in the corridor. He says he hit the restaurants too hard and is now ill but hopes to get back on tomorrow.

I now have an ATM card that works, always useful. I went to the nearest bank to use their ATM and of course, being America, I had to stand in one of the four drive-thru ATM lines to get cash out while keeping an eagle eye out behind me!

Went to Huddle House for lunch and had a triple decker cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms, onions and sweet potato fries. It’s important to refuel my body on town stops. Right? Still, when I ordered a small side salad with my shrimp and mash dinner they gave me 3oz (86g) of Italian dressing! Who eats 3oz of oil-and-vinegar?!

Feeling good and looking forward to getting back on tomorrow. Forecast is for all day rain but that doesn’t bother me, other than when it comes to putting up my tent which is just harder and muddier than usual. Next stop: the Nantahala Outdoor Centre in 3 days.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Day 11 that I missed out. While collecting water from a piped spring an American Robin (which bear no resemblance to British red-breasted Robins btw) came to see what I was up to and then decided to have a shower right in front of me. Very cute.



7 thoughts on “Day 14 – Another Franklin zero

  1. Good luck on reentering the fray and I hope the blister relents….not sure what I will do without your blogs every from G too.

  2. I found your blog/journal from a link that Wired had on her journal. Very good! My parents immigrated from Britian before I was born, so I am used to that dry wit and self deprecating humour. We live in British Columbia, Canada now and I hike in the Rockies. Hope to do the Colorado trail one day.
    All the best as you carry on….may your body be over the worst of things and may you sail forth with nary a hiccup!

  3. Oops! I did not know my previous comment actually posted as it just dissapeared on my iPhone never to be seen again. So, now I feel foolish! Just ignore todays redundant comment please! :P

  4. I endorse previous poster, Charlie, you actually ATE a SALAD? A real one? With green stuff in it? I’ve fainted! Well the AT has done something I’ve been trying all your life to do. Well done. The American Robin pics are cute, good splashing there. Good luck for next stage, hope the newly mended feet hold up.

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