Getting back on the horse

Just a quick note to say I will be back on the AT some time in early May 2016, starting where I left off (or rather back slightly in Daleville, Virginia, around mile 725).

With a third of the trail already complete I am hopeful that the reduced time pressure will allow me to follow a more sensible pace and thus reduce the risk of injury, while a lower pack weight will take some of the strain off my biggest weakness: my feet.

To that end I will publish soon a breakdown of my changed gear list, showing the results of my efforts to reduce my pack weight by around a third, knocking off 3kg from around 8kg (18lb) in 2014 to 5kg (11lb) in 2016′s attempt on the remaining 1460 miles.

That’s it for now. Onwards and upwards…

17 thoughts on “Getting back on the horse

  1. Sparky! Great news!!!!! I’m very excited to see you get back on the trail, and how your kit has improved. Best of luck will all the preparations!

  2. Last Sunday I was cleaning up the list of blogs I read. Some have gone dark, some have taken a turn for the weird and some just never held my interest. When I got to your blog I decided to keep it just incase you got back on the trail. Good thing. Good luck next year and I can’t wait to read your posts (no pressure, just remember my happiness and the happiness of many of your readers depends on you).

  3. This is good news! I’m glad you are going to get back on the trail. Your blog was enjoyable to read during your 2014 hike, and after you had to end the hike I kept the feed in my feed reader in hopes you would post again.

    Best of luck!

  4. Sparky! I am SO glad to hear you’ll be back! Will be looking forward to hearing about your travels.

    Sometime next spring I’ll be out on the trail for a few weeks…I’m only a few hours from Daleville, and If everything times out right, I’d love to meet you and walk a few miles with you. Not sure I’ll be able to keep up much, I’m presently doing rehab on my back and hips from an injury, but nonetheless I can offer moral support!

    Also, I know it can be tough planning a trip like this from overseas, so if you need any assistance let me know via email.

  5. Hi Sparky. Just read your 2014 blog to date with great enjoyment from another Brit who dreams to hike and complete the AT one day. Keep the faith man and I’ll look forward to your filter posts.

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