Day 105 – zero day in East Stroudsburg

Rest and resupply after nearly completing Pennsylvania

When going through my gear I found the left socks of both pairs have nearly worn through to holes in the heel. That would make sense since my feet are in a similar position. These tougher shoes have done an awesome job of riding over the Pennsylvania rocks but they have caused various blisters and sore spots. A new pair of my previous trail runners are already on order and I will get them after the next 5 day section. So today I also ordered two new pairs of socks for the same destination and will just have to make do with taping my feet for a few days.

I also repaired a small cut in the tent floor caused by the many nights setting up on rocky “soil”.

I had picked up a delivery from the Post Office which included a bottle of Mirazyme enzyme odor remover and used it on all my clothes and the backpack to remove some of the “dead hiker” smell which I notice is now pretty pervasive even through normal laundering.

There are several small places to eat and resupply in the next section so I only picked up 2 full days of resupply from a mix of CVS and Walmart plus quite a few protein shakes for breakfast and electrolyte powder sachets. I treated myself to a new set of ziplock of bags of different sizes since my existing news are a bit worn down now. Luxury.

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