Day 106 – 14.9 miles to campsite at 1307.9

July 1st. Entering New Jersey, passing 1300 miles and rushing through a few more before storms arrived.

I used Uber to easily get me back to the trail. I don’t remember Uber being a “thing” two years ago so this is a pretty useful extra option to have.

Walking out of Delaware Water Gap I met Thunder Snuff who was waiting for the Post Office to open. He had done a 20 the day before and was now regretting it so was taking a zero.

I left DWG by crossing Delaware River Bridge and found a painted sign marking the change from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

Goodbye Pennsylvania. In the beginning you rocked my world but since then it’s been a rocky road. I rocked it though and now I’m rocking on into New Jersey.

Entering the woods again the trail was nice up the initial 1000′ climb but soon returned to its old tricks as it approached and skirted Sunfish Pond which is a National Landmark.

Soon after the pond I passed the informal 1300 mile marker.

Milestones seem to be coming thick and fast lately but this one even came with a nice view.

I had now completed 7 miles and it was 11am. The weather forecast called for severe thunderstorms in the afternoon with an “outside chance of tornados” so my plan was get as many miles done as possible before the storms arrived and then just call it a day.

At mile 1301.4 there was a great 360 degree view from 1532′ Kittatinny Mountain. View on YouTube.

In the afternoon the trail ran along a ridgeline which had several rocky ledges to look out from.

Finally around 3:30pm the weather closed in and big single raindrops started to fall. I pulled into the next spot possible to camp, a site with three hikers already setup. I completed the tent setup in the first minutes of light rain, the sort that the tree canopy mostly deals with, but soon enough the real rain and thunder arrived and would continue with useful breaks until sleep time.

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  1. I just have to say I really enjoy your blogs! You strike me as one who makes very sensible decisions. Also love your pictures.

  2. Hooray, you’ve made it to another State! You’re rocking it! Hope the rocks stop soon so you can rock-on rock-free. x

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