Day 121 – zero day in Salisbury CT at 1498.8

Rest and recovery day in Salisbury, then cooking dinner for the hostel.

A late start to the day was a good start to the day. Jesus had already moved on but left a sweet note for Maria. Mr Wizard was hiking out but Focus was starting a zero. I made scrambled eggs and coffee for the three of us and then wandered down to the public library to make use of their air conditioning and wifi – the one amenity Maria’s hostel lacks. Turns out the library was America’s first and also just got refurbished and reopened just 2 days ago so that was good timing. It’s a really nice building inside and out.

At lunchtime I got fried chicken and Mac and cheese from the supermarket with Focus and ate outside, meeting Nobo Lobo and Foxtrot while they resupplied. Focus’s friend Hiro arrived at the same time, a laid-back 6’9″ hiker who’s name is a shortening of high road. He said that he knew three people that got off trail due to the tough section before Greenwood Lake. He also told a story about a hiker called Beast had stolen his trekking poles at the church hostel in Delaware Water Gap.

In the afternoon I may have had a slight nap, it’s hard to remember. My feet and ankles were still feeling sore and the extra day of rest was clearly a good idea. It was also a very hot day and not a good one for hiking.

A new hiker arrived to stay called Jimminy Cricket who was quiet at first but warmed up later. Around 5:30 a discussion about the limited possibilities for dinner in town arose and I volunteered to cook pasta bolognese for everyone including Maria. She ate in front of the TV and the hikers ate out in the garden until a sudden thunderstorm forced us to run under the covered patio.

It’s been a real blast staying wth Maria. She’s mostly deaf and can’t understand my accent but we get on just fine. Better than fine in fact. I’m very happy I came here.

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  1. Very pleased you took an extra zero to rest your feet. Seems you picked a very nice place to rest. It’s in the 90′s here too, believe it or not!

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