Day 122 – 13.9 miles to Glen Brook shelter at 1512.7

Passing 1500 miles and moving into Massachusetts with over 5500′ of elevation change.

It was hard to drag myself away from Maria’s hostel especially after she said I was one of her favourite people to stay there, “right up there on the list.”

After just 1.2 miles I passed the 1500 mile mark.

The trail after Salisbury only stays in Connecticut for 7 miles and then it enters Massachusetts. This section today was quite reminiscent of Maine – steep climbs and descents over rock, pine forests with roots to watch out for and a picturesque pond at the end. All told there was about 3500′ of ascent and 2000′ of descent, much of it steep.

At the highest point in Connecticut, Bear Mountain at 2316′, there were lots of day hikers and a representative of the Connecticut Atheist Society (or something like that) called Cumulus was giving out fruit and lemonade, gratefully received after an 1800′ net climb in the heat of what was now midday. He is on the left in this picture.

The second of three big climbs today was 700′ up Mt Race at 2365′ with great views.

After a sharp climb up and then down Mt Everett the trail ran near Guilder Pond which was worth a small side detour to see.

The shelter I am staying near is hosting a 12-strong youth camp for Jewish youth. Hopefully they will not be up too late…

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  1. Stunning views. Atheists and Jews in one day! Lol. Congrats on the 1,500, that’s approx 2/3rds isn’t it? Amazing.

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