Day 123 – 15.9 miles to stealth camp at 1528.6

A pleasant section of the trail but some painful hiking.

The first couple of miles were rocky and demanding but then there was long period of alternating woodland and farmland which was very pleasant to walk through.

Then 9 miles in an 1100′ climb started and I decided to break it in half with lunch which seemed a smart move since it was nearly midday and hot.

14 miles in was an ice gulch, a deep ravine where snow can linger for weeks after it has melted above.

I made camp after finally finding some water, albeit more of the yellow stuff, and called it an early night. Partly this was because the next part is an 800′ climb and partly because today has been painful with plantar fasciitis in my right foot flaring up badly despite the double zero, and partly because I’ve got some very painful chafing going on in my left groin that started yesterday for some unknown reason since it’s less humid than recent weeks and, again, coming off a zero with clean dry clothes. Hoping it clears up overnight or else I will be going commando tomorrow!

Stop press: as I was on the phone booking a room at the Shamrock Inn in Dalton for a zero in Friday a black bear wandered 25 yards past my tent! I thought I had heard bearish sounds earlier as well. I calmly completed reading my credit card details, said goodbye and stood up out of my tent and yelled at the bear. He seemed surprised but not exactly scared. I think he left but barefoot and sans underwear is no way to go bear chasing.

3 thoughts on “Day 123 – 15.9 miles to stealth camp at 1528.6

  1. Well that hopefully explains the snorting sounds you kept hearing? Hope so, else it means there could be more creatures hiding around you…
    Stay safe Sparky! x

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