Day 125 – 15.0 miles to stealth camp at 1559.3

A day of cruising miles in pretty woodland fuelled by free pancakes.

It was a genuinely cool night for the first time in many weeks where I had to be inside the sleeping bag in order to be comfortable.

Starting the day with a 3.8 mile section took me to Upper Goose Pond Cabin, a caretaker-run cabin on a pond pretty enough to be in Maine and understandably popular with day hikers and thru hikers in need of a rest. As well as swimming you can even take out a kayak and do some fishing.

I arrived at 9am and Ruth, this week’s resident caretaker, made me 6 pancakes (foolishly I declined 8) with syrup. The sun was starting to come through but it was still cool enough that people had started a fire to stay warm.

I could easily put my feet up here and have a day of board games and lake swimming. But I can’t spare the time so I loaded up with water, tore myself away and pushed on.

An 800′ climb was my reward but the pancakes has fuelled me up and it was no problem. After that it was mostly just cruising through attractive-smelling pine forests on flat, if rooty, terrain.

Late in the day I stopped in at the Cookie Lady’s house for water. She wasn’t around but I did meet the first fellow Brit hikers of this trip, a young couple from the West Midlands called Boss and Samsquatch.

At 5pm I was only 10 miles from Dalton where I will zero so I had no pressure to make any more miles today so I took the first stealth spot I saw and settled down to a packet of mashed potatoes (which says it serves 4 people – wrong) and tuna, totalling 99% of the recommended daily intake of sodium. Fine by me.

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