Day 168 – zero day in Stratton, Maine at 2017.6 (171.5 miles to go)

Rest and forgetting to resupply.

I walked 0.7 miles to the Loony Moose for breakfast, where Grizzly Adams called me over to eat with him. I had Eggs Benedict and French Toast with strawberries. The conversation ranged from future thru-hiking innovations like cloaked resupply drones to the unfairness of tax laws.

Returning to the motel I saw these fellow guests hanging around outside.

The first chore was to do laundry. The laundromat in town is near enough to walk back to the motel from while the washing or drying is taking place but I wanted to wash my muddy rain gear this time so that left me wearing just my longjohns, unworn recently so therefore clean, and a top, so I sat in the laundromat and hoped other users wouldn’t think it too odd. I waited until nobody was around to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer.

The rest of the day passed with the usual set of tasks like researching and organising the next two town stops and cleaning my gear. I found my lost pack cover, sandwiched between the pack and pack liner. So that’s that mystery solved. It’s time to get rid of a few items I won’t need now, perhaps because I haven’t used them for a long time (e.g. knee braces). With just two long legs remaining I want to minimise weight as much as possible me and there aren’t now many “maybe one day” justifications left.

At 5:30pm I went over to the main store in town to resupply for this 4 day leg and found it had closed at 5pm. D’oh. A trip to the gas station would have to suffice for snacks and I pushed back my shuttle to the trail tomorrow so I can pick up sandwiches from it when it opens.

I went to the White Wolf for dinner and Rainbow called me over so I had both meals today with fellow hikers.

My body feels ok going into the penultimate leg. My Achilles’ tendons are both sore but the next day’s hiking is pretty flat so they ought to recover. Otherwise I’m feeling good.

One thought on “Day 168 – zero day in Stratton, Maine at 2017.6 (171.5 miles to go)

  1. Resupply drones – I like it. Might somewhat detract from the logistical mystery tour element though?

    Wonder if they could also collect mucky clothing and return it washed?

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