Day 174 – 15.2 miles to Monson, Maine at 2089.8 (99.3 miles to go)

Biting off the first chunk of the 100 Mile Wilderness.

The Lakeshore House shuttle dropped me back at the trailhead a little after 8am and right away the trail entered the 100 Mile Wilderness, the penultimate challenge of the AT.

It is a section nearly exactly 100 miles long which has no towns, stores, houses, etc. It does have private roads owned by the logging and timber companies who own the land and therefore some access is possible in places. Lakeshore let you slackpack 15 miles in and then another 14 the next day. That only leaves 80 miles (4-5 days) to do in one leg. So today I did 15 and then came back to the hostel.

A few miles in I stopped by Little Wilson Falls, a 60′ waterfall. Like all “water features” right now it is not at its strongest but was still a nice sight.

There were three “wet ford” rivers today except that rock-hopping was all that was required. I’m not complaining.

The shuttle pickup was down a 0.8 mile side trail (much smoother than the AT funnily enough) to a gravel road parking lot. Back at the hostel by 5:30 I was able to eat a third pulled pork dish, pizza and rhubarb pie while preparing to head out tomorrow for a 7 day leg that will take me to the end of the AT. There is a store that sells food at the end of the Wilderness which I expect to reach in 5 days. So this is my food bag for 4 days (tomorrow is packed in my pack already). It weighs 7.2 pounds (3.2kg) and will be delivered to me on trail at the end of the day tomorrow by the hostel. I hope.

Otherwise it wasn’t a day packed with standout views or incidents but it was good to get the remaining mileage under 100 at the end.

4 thoughts on “Day 174 – 15.2 miles to Monson, Maine at 2089.8 (99.3 miles to go)

  1. I’m so excited that you’ve got less than 100 miles to go! Fingers crossed that your food bag is delivered to you in the Wilderness tonight as hoped…

  2. Incredible effort to get to 100 miles to the end of the AT – I managed the first 1 mile !

    Don’t do a Forrest Gump and turn around when you get to the end and start again!

    Will look forward to a Steakout when you return – it’s on me

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