Day 3 – 18.5 miles to stealth camp at 46.2

Wildlife, views and stones.

I left camp just before 7 and embarked on a 14 mile section with 2500’ of overall ascent. Today the trail was stony underfoot which made progress slower and by the end of the day my feet would be hurting in a very familiar way.

Early on I turned a corner and was surprised to find a birder with a camera attached to a huge telescopic zoom lens. He explains he was looking at a thrasher and turned the rig around to show me a perfectly captured bird in the act of calling. Cool.

Just after that I saw my first snake. A small (15”) slight translucent or glassy creature who slithered quickly off trail by my feet, too quick to photograph.

And shortly after THAT I saw my first gecko, right by the side of the trail. He looked grumpy but that could be a gecko thing.

Passing by this sign I decided it was not the best time to go off trail for a bathroom break.

After picking up water at a pretty creek the rest of the morning was uneventful until I arrived in Mount Laguna at mile 41.5. I went into the cafe there and had a three egg “scramble” and the usual pair of Dr Pepper’s. A bunch of hiker trash were there and I caught up a bit with Song and Elke and an English couple, all of whom had started 12 hours before me. Everyone seemed in good spirits.

There was a resupply package waiting for me at the store. It was quite good – I had avoided over-ordering – but I still had uneaten food so several items were donated to other hikers or left in the hiker box.

After again waiting out the midday heat I left town just after 3pm and just intended to complete a few more miles. My next resupply package is at a Post Office in 68 miles and walking fast would get me there on a Sunday which isn’t useful so I get to slow down a bit for a few days which is probably a good thing.

However the last few miles turned in some good views as a reward for a bit of a slog of a day.


I found a quiet place about a hundred yards off trail and made camp nice and early. I was actually feeling pretty tired and my feet hurt so it was a good day to stop early and rest. When I got online and checked the water report I found the Laguna area has had E. Coli defected. Since I had filled up at a faucet st the Visitor Center I hope it didn’t affect my water but since I had already drunk about a litre I guess I’ll have to just cross my fingers.

This feels like a cold night coming. Once the sun went down it immediately got seriously cold. I’m at 5700’ now so that would contribute.

5 thoughts on “Day 3 – 18.5 miles to stealth camp at 46.2

  1. Top tip: Spit out the E.Coli and swallow the rest of the water :) Good hard day – keep listening to the feet whenever they have a story to tell.

  2. That lizard is actually commonly called a horned toad or horned frog. Sounds like you’re enjoying the beginning. Keep on hiking.

  3. Woah!!!! Look at you!!! Doing great progress, I’m glad you started on the 24th after all. :) keep it going, love the entries so far. I think that lizard is a bearded dragon, my sister had two of them growing up. They’re nice lizard even though they look mean haha

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