A subject of intense interest to many fellow hikers but utter disinterest to most non-hikers, this page is dedicated to my gear, including equipment and clothing.

For background information on the layering system I’m using designed for the AT see the article on Clothing an AT Thru-Hiker and for background on gear selection criteria read this Gearing Up article.

Gear Summaries

Gossamer Gear Mariposa

Right now my base weight (i.e. excluding worn clothing, food and water) will be about 15-16 pounds / 7 kg in the cold weather and 13 pounds / 6 kg in the summer. As the amount of food and water one carries varies dramatically depending on conditions and distance between resupply points the total weight may vary from 20 to 35 pounds (9 kg to 14 kg).

As a point of reference when viewing the clothing and sleeping gear I am planning for base temperatures up to 37c / 100f in the summer and down to -10c / -14f in the first few weeks with windchill taking that down further. This is a peak extreme that it may not even reach but the thing about cold weather is when you’re thru-hiking: you live in it. There is no way out. Prepare for it or put your life at risk.

If you want to ask any questions about any item feel free to use the Contact form located on the, er, Contact page. I’d be happy to give you further details, opinions, pictures, weights, alternative ideas, etc.


Detailed Gear Database

For much more detailed information here are links to my live databases for spring/fall and summer gear. NOTE: these links do not work on an iPhone or iPad! This is a detailed report on my cold-weather (Spring and Fall seasons) gear and this is the Summer list. These will change dynamically whenever I make changes as they are not finalised yet.


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