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Ultralight Down Vests – Market Review

If you want to get the most insulation bang (warmth) for your buck (grams) a down vest may be the answer. This article rounds up all the ultralight down vests on the market today. This article was last updated 28th January 2017.

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Preparing for the Appalachian Trail

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That is the old phrase or truism. It’s easy to say or nod your head along with, but preparing to hike the AT encompasses many things, from physical to mental to equipment, from the practical to the abstract, and it’s hard to prepare fully. This article attempts to outline some of specific issues that I have identified to affect me as an individual, how I managed to do that, and how I have prepared in advance in order to best tackle those issues head on.

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Gear, Gear, Gear

Cerium-LT-Jacket-NighthawkAll the principal pieces of gear I will be using on the AT. Which clothing, shelter, cookware and backpack. Find out why key items were chosen, what everything weighs and how it all fits together into a system. What special feature made me select otherwise unremarkable hiking pants.  Even why I had to dredge up geometry skills from school before making a final decision on tent fabric options!

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